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Our business partners
CAODURO S.P.A (est. 1951) is one of the European biggest manufacturers of skylights, smoke and heat exhaust ventilators and full air treatment systems with SIV Ventilation System. By virtue of their rich experience, we were able to achieve a huge successes in the development of a new type of mesh arch.
Since 2001 the museum presents the works of an outstanding Russian sculptor Alexander Nikolayevich Burganov. This is an artist of a world fame. His gospel spreads not only for a new generation of outstanding artists and sculptors, but also for developers who seek an inspiration.
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RZhD company's mission is to develop an effective transport business that is competitive on the domestic and international markets. The core mission is the to effectively implement objectives of a national freight and passenger rail carrier, and owner of common-use railway infrastructure. Our cooperation began in 2012 with a joint work on the formation and creation of a new environment for the Russian railway industry.
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Established in 2016 partnership with IHG resulted in construction of a brand new "Holiday Inn Express Sheremetyevo Airport" hotel in the largest airport of Russia. It is designed for demanding travellers who appreciate value for money and is the first choice for "Simple Smart Travelers".
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Sheremetyevo International Airport named after Alexander Pushkin is the largest airport in Russia in terms of passengers and cargo transportation, landing and takeoff operations, the area of the airport complex, and the capacity of the cargo complex. Its route network includes over 200 destinations. Since 2009, we have been in close cooperation for the infrastructural development of the airport and its surrounding areas.
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Since 1991 MIPIM has been the world's leading real estate exhibition and conference, annually bringing together 20,000+ real estate market leaders. For 8 years consecutively we are keen participants among others the most influential players from all sectors of the international property industry.
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Rossiya Airlines Joint Stock Company is a part of Aeroflot Group and is currently one of the largest air carriers of the Russian Federation. One of the company’s priorities is development of regions accessibility and increase of the population mobility. Our joint and integrated approach to project implementations has already been appreciated by millions since 2019.
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The Central Exurban Passenger Company is the largest suburban rail carrier in Russia since 2005. It carries passengers in 11 regions of the Russian Federation. Since 2016, we have jointly developed new design for more than 100 railway stations and tracks in Moscow and the Moscow Region.
China State Construction Overseas Development Co. Ltd. is subordinated to China State Construction Engineering Corp. Ltd. (CSCEC), the world’s largest investment and construction group. Our ongoing 3 years cooperation focuses on developing different real estate projects.
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Gardium is a well-known professional consultant in the field of protection of Intellectual Property and Litigation. Their experts practicing in the IP field help clients to protect trademarks, brands, patents, software, copyright and other objects already for 16 years. Since 2018, "Gardium" has been providing comprehensive protection of the intellectual property rights of our projects.
Our financial partners
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